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What makes your town special?
Send us a colorful view of something found in your town. Examples: Historic/important buildings, town landmarks, town events, landscape, wildlife, etc.

1. Participants must be: a resident of any town that the SourceBook covers, and currently enrolled in grades Kindergarden through 12th Grade of any school within the SourceBook coverage area.
2. Entries must be submitted on
8 1/2 x 11 white paper, with no lines (such as typing paper or poster board), & must be in color. (May use colored pencils, crayons, chalk, water colors, or felt tip markers). Students may enter only two pieces of THEIR OWN original art. (Please only fold once or not at all)

3. ART WILL NOT BE RETURNED. All entries will become property of the SourceBook and will be reproduced throughout the 2013 edition of the SourceBook.
4. Winners will be chosen by a group of impartial judges and decisions will be final.
5. Entries must be received by our office no later than
April 30, 2013.
6. A parent or legal guardian must sign all entry forms.

1. ONE $200 Savings Bond will be awarded as the Grand Prize.
2. Also
$100 Cash will be awarded to the school attended by the Grand Prize Winner.
3. In addition a
$100 Savings Bond will go to two runners up.